Subject: SoC: Second ATF preview
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/20/2007 21:35:50

Following my "First ATF preview"[1] e-mail, I have uploaded[2] new  
snapshots of NetBSD-current with ATF[3] merged into it.  I have used  
the first public release of ATF, 0.1[4], for this build.  It has been  
released today to conclude the development of ATF as part of Summer  
of Code 2007.  All further code will be outside of the scope of SoC.

As stated in the first preview: At the moment I have only uploaded  
releases for the machines I can try, but if you really want to use  
these on some other specific platform, drop me a note and I'll  
prepare a release build for it.

For the best experience, install these releases from scratch -- using  
a virtual machine is recommended because re-upgrading this  
installation to newer previews won't be painless (no management of  
obsolete files, etc.).  Be sure to select the 'tests.tgz' set in  
sysinst.  Then, once the system is installed and minimally  
configured, you can inspect the contents of /usr/tests, and run 'atf- 
run | atf-report' in that directory.  afterboot(8) has been updated  
with more details.

In case you want to upgrade a machine to these releases, you can  
follow the traditional procedure, but don't forget to install the new  
tests.tgz set.

Further development is now open to contributors, so feel free to  
help!  All development will happen on the atf-devel[5] mailing list  
from now on, so feel free to join.

Oh, and you also have an ATF package in pkgsrc/devel/atf in case you  
just want to try the core component without messing your current  
system :-)  You won't get the NetBSD-specific regression tests, though.



Julio M. Merino Vidal <>