Subject: Issue 105 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/30/2007 09:01:36
This week:

Add CP922 support to iconv. [Takehiko NOZAKI]

Thread support is now enabled in NetBSD's OpenSSL [Christos Zoulas]

alpha: Add timecounter(9) support and switch to MI todr(9) with MI mc146818
driver. [Izumi Tsutsui]

mpt(4): Add support for newer SAS and similar devices. [Matthias Scheler]

ichsmb(4): Add support for Intel ICH SMBus controller. [KIYOHARA Takashi]


 pkg_install-20070715 [Joerg Sonnenberger]

 tcpdump-3.9.7 [Matthias Drochner]

 bind 9.4.1-P1 [Christos Zoulas]

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