Subject: problem with WPA/802.11i and dhclient
To: None <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/23/2007 22:23:51

I have just changed my wireless network over from using WEP to WPA.  I
have managed to get the WPA working ok, I have network connectivity
now apart from one issue[1] but I seem to have worked around that.
The problem that does have me stumped is getting a DHCP address.  When
I was using WEP I could get a DHCP address from my server without an
issue but with WPA it never succeeds - it looks like dhclient(8) does
not allow enough time for the WPA negotiation to finish after it
brings the wireless interface up before it decides to send a packet
and then gives up on the whole process due to getting no replies.  I
have looked at the protocol timings in dhclient.conf(5) but none of
them seem to be what I want.

Needless to say, if I manually configure the network it works fine but
I would really rather not do this - I have set up some special bits in
dhcp which means I don't have to do special scripts on the laptop when
I am at home.

Any hints?

[1] By default my AP was set to renegotiate keys every 1800 seconds,
when this time came round wpa_cli told me the new keys were installed
but my wireless network stopped working and I would see these in the

iwi0: unknown authentication state 1
iwi0: unknown authentication state 1
iwi0: unknown authentication state 1

by bumping up the timings on the AP to the max it would allow it looks
like it is not renegotiating keys - which, in a way, is bad but it
works for the moment.  My laptop is running -current from a few weeks
ago, the access point is a zyxel 2602HWL-61 with the latest released
firmware on it.

Brett Lymn