Subject: Re: Adding URLs to CVSWeb diffs for source changes
To: None <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/18/2007 19:43:33
On Dec 8,  8:22am, "Blair Sadewitz" wrote:
} Weighing the pros and cons, I think it might be best to create a
} bulkier, "rich-text" html-source-changes list.  However, we don't want
} to end up exponentially increasing the number of lists we have
} according to each feature set people lobby for. ;)

     So far only one person has said they don't like the idea.  Whereas
a bunch of people both inside and outside of the project has said they
do like the idea.  I don't think one naysayer should hold things up.

     One concern for me is that length of the URLs.  Here is one

Notice how it wraps.  With the terminal program that I'm using, I can
just point at an URL, right click, and the top item is "Launch this
URL".  I can't do that when the URL wraps.  However, for people using
web browsers to read their e-mails (I include things like Outlook
Express in this category), the URL length won't be a problem.

     Another thing to consider is messages with multiple commits.  With
things like gcc imports, a single message can have more then 1,000
items.  We probably don't want to add 1,000 diffs to a message.  Also,
when new files are added, they can be fairly lengthy.  The question is
what should be the cutoff point in adding diffs to messages?  Some
ideas are:

- no diffs for messages with multiple files
- diffs for messages with 5 or less files
- diffs for the first 5 files for messages with multiple files

- don't include new files in messages
- only include the first X number of lines
- skip the licence at the beginning of the file and then include X lines

}-- End of excerpt from "Blair Sadewitz"