Subject: Issue 104 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/15/2007 10:11:54
This week:

Add support for the VIA C7-M and Eden processors in the Enhanced Speedstep
driver. [Juan Romero Pardines[

Merge some of the less invasive changes from the vmlocking branch: [Andrew

- kthread, callout, devsw API changes
- select()/poll() improvements
- miscellaneous MT safety improvements

envsys 2 has hit the tree. New features include: [Juan Romero Pardines]

- Support for detachable sensors.
- Cleaned up the API for simplicity and efficiency.
- Ability to send capacity/critical/warning events to powerd(8).
- Adapted all the code to the new locking order.
- Compatibility with the old envsys API: the ENVSYS_GTREINFO and
ENVSYS_GTREDATA ioctl(2)s are supported.
- Added support for a 'dictionary based communication channel' between
sysmon_power(9) and powerd(8), that means there is no 32 bytes event size
restriction anymore.
- Binary compatibility with old envstat(8) and powerd(8) via COMPAT_40.
- All drivers with the n^2 gtredata bug were fixed, PR kern/36226.

Add support for NVIDIA nForce 2/3/4 SMBus controller and SMBus driver.
[KIYOHARA Takashi]

The wpi driver has been synched with the latest OpenBSD version: [DEGROOTE
- Update the driver to use the new firmware images from Intel (2.14.3.)
-  Read the list of supported channels from the EEPROM instead of having it
hard-coded in the driver.
- Limit output power to what is specified in EEPROM.
- Decrease output power for highest OFDM rates to reduce distortion.
- Automatically adjust output power to temperature changes for increased
throughput and range.
- Attach the adapter's onboard thermal sensor to the sensor framework.
- Replace 'magic' fields in structures with their correct definitions.
- Rewrite the firmware load in order to reduce the diff with OpenBSD one.

NOTE2: you must install sysutils/wpi-firmware2 in order to use the new

NOTE2: if you are using a channel not allowed by the regulatory domain of
your adapter, you will no longer be able to associate.

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