Subject: Build failure - LintSysNormal (port i386 & amd64)
To: None <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/14/2007 09:40:13
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Sources updated via CVS as of Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 15:48:45 UTC

#    create  libc/LintSysNormal.c
CPP=3D/usr/obj/tooldir/x86_64/amd64/bin/x86_64--netbsd-cpp /bin/sh /usr/src=
/lib/libc/sys/makelintstub -o LintSysNormal.c  -s /usr/obj/destdir/amd64/us=
r/include/sys/syscall.h access.S acct.S bind.S chdir.S chflags.S chmod.S ch=
own.S chroot.S clock_getres.S clock_gettime.S dup.S dup2.S extattrctl.S ext=
attr_delete_fd.S extattr_delete_file.S extattr_delete_link.S extattr_get_fd=
=2ES extattr_get_file.S extattr_get_link.S extattr_list_fd.S extattr_list_f=
ile.S extattr_list_link.S extattr_set_fd.S extattr_set_file.S extattr_set_l=
ink.S fchdir.S fchflags.S fchmod.S fchown.S fchroot.S __fhopen40.S __fhstat=
40.S __fhstatvfs140.S fktrace.S flock.S fpathconf.S __fstat30.S fstatvfs1.S=
 futimes.S __getcwd.S __getdents30.S __getfh30.S getvfsstat.S getgroups.S g=
etitimer.S __getlogin.S getpeername.S getpgid.S getpgrp.S getpriority.S get=
rlimit.S getrusage.S getsid.S getsockname.S getsockopt.S gettimeofday.S ioc=
tl.S kevent.S kqueue.S ktrace.S _ksem_close.S _ksem_destroy.S _ksem_getvalu=
e.S _ksem_init.S _ksem_post.S _ksem_trywait.S _ksem_unlink.S _ksem_wait.S _=
ksem_open.S lchflags.S lchmod.S lchown.S lfs_bmapv.S lfs_markv.S lfs_segcle=
an.S lfs_segwait.S link.S listen.S __lstat30.S lutimes.S _lwp_create.S _lwp=
_exit.S _lwp_kill.S _lwp_park.S _lwp_self.S _lwp_wait.S _lwp_unpark.S _lwp_=
unpark_all.S _lwp_suspend.S _lwp_continue.S _lwp_wakeup.S _lwp_detach.S _lw=
p_getprivate.S _lwp_setprivate.S madvise.S mincore.S minherit.S mkdir.S mkf=
ifo.S mknod.S mlock.S mlockall.S mount.S mprotect.S __msgctl13.S msgget.S m=
unlock.S munlockall.S munmap.S nfssvc.S __ntp_gettime30.S pathconf.S pmc_ge=
t_info.S pmc_control.S __posix_chown.S posix_fadvise.S __posix_fchown.S __p=
osix_lchown.S __posix_rename.S profil.S quotactl.S rasctl.S reboot.S recvfr=
om.S recvmsg.S rename.S revoke.S rmdir.S semconfig.S semget.S semop.S ____s=
emctl13.S sendmsg.S sendto.S setegid.S setcontext.S seteuid.S setgid.S setg=
roups.S setitimer.S __setlogin.S setpgid.S setpriority.S setregid.S setreui=
d.S setrlimit.S setsid.S setsockopt.S setuid.S __shmctl13.S shmdt.S shmget.=
S shutdown.S __sigaltstack14.S __sigpending14.S __sigaction_sigtramp.S __si=
gtimedwait.S __socket30.S socketpair.S __stat30.S statvfs1.S swapctl.S syml=
ink.S __sysctl.S timer_create.S timer_delete.S timer_gettime.S timer_getove=
rrun.S timer_settime.S umask.S undelete.S unlink.S unmount.S utimes.S utrac=
e.S uuidgen.S vadvise.S accept.S close.S connect.S execve.S fcntl.S fdatasy=
nc.S fsync.S fsync_range.S kill.S msgrcv.S msgsnd.S __msync13.S nanosleep.S=
 open.S poll.S pollts.S pselect.S read.S readlink.S readv.S sched_yield.S s=
elect.S __sigprocmask14.S __sigsuspend14.S sysarch.S wait4.S write.S writev=
--- ____semctl13.S ---
syscall mount not found!
*** [LintSysNormal.c] Error code 1
1 error

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/lib/libc

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