Subject: Re: Adding new programs, like tcpdrop
To: Daniel C. Sinclair <>
From: M Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/02/2007 05:48:00
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Daniel C. Sinclair wrote:

> Yes, that's the one I use.  But this is a discussion about adding
> programs to the NetBSD proper.  I think netcat is important enough
> that it should be in base.tgz.

I think KDE is important enough that it should be in NetBSD proper.

Along this path lies insanity.  Please, let's try to put together a
"standard" install that uses the output of pkgsrc to install all these
cool widgets, and not add them to /usr/src.

There is no reason whatsoever that a "default install" of NetBSD can't
come in flavors like other OS releases do:

	Server (apache, a variety of databases, scripting languages)
	Desktop KDE (KDE, lots of useful desktop-oriented tools)
	Desktop Gnome (like KDE but with Gnome)

These can even ask at startup what packages they want, with the default
as given above.  I would even say syspkg should go away and nearly
everything in there should become a pkgsrc package, and be maintained
(and upgradable) independently of the base OS install.

- --Michael

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