Subject: Re: GCC update coming
To: matthew green <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/22/2007 02:38:32
That's interesting, although I'm not wholly suprised.  CVS is a bit
more reliable than devel/patchutils. ;)

I really want to get ghc built on amd64 so I can import the tree into
a darcs repository (if it'll handle it, but I think the latest
versions are better at handling larger projects).  I keep hearing
really great things about it's merge facility.  GHC is quite a
formidable opponent, though. ;)

I've been using 4.1.3 for a while now, and I haven't run into any
problems.  I would be worried if I did, as it's basically all bug
fixes, right?

BTW, in 4.2 I noticed libdecnumber is only built as a host dependency
("convenience" library).  IIRC mklibgcc also pulls in individual
sources from it as dependencies based upon the FPBIT* definitions.  So
does this mean that we only need host-libdecnumber in gnu/usr.bin/gcc?
 I'm pretty certain, at least, that it doesn't belong in gnu/lib.