Subject: Re: WOL on a Dell PowerEdge 2650
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Peter Eisch <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/15/2007 00:23:11
On 6/14/07 11:36 PM, "Daniel Carosone" <> wrote:

> You want to talk to the bmc via ipmi from an external host, either
> over ethernet or serial.  The dell boxes usually have a grey "spanner"
> port ethernet nic which does ipmi on ethernet, or can use a serial
> port for this purpose (often both).
> This base functionality is often confused with the DRAC card, which is
> often sold as an extra - depending on specific version, that adds a
> webserver with cgi-like access to the ipmi, and remote KVM and device
> redirection.

I have DRAC on all the 2650's I have and it's integrated -- not a PCI card
like the earlier models.  The DRAC/web interface works for power transitions
and remote BIOS changes but due to event/keyboard issues it isn't usable
(with 3.1) for install or other maintenance.  I use the serial console for
those functions.

I wonder if WOL events to the DRAC port will do what's desired...?