Subject: IPv6 ifconfig questions
To: None <>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/07/2007 00:40:00
   I had noticed something, long ago, and I think it's still true.  I  
find it somewhat odd, and wanted to ask "why is this?" of people.   
When you ifconfig an additional IPv4 address onto an interface, you  
use the "alias" argument to ifconfig.  And, when you run ifconfig of  
the interface, it reports all additional IPv4 addresses prefixed with  
"inet alias", rather than "inet" which is has on the first address.   
However, if you add an IPv6 alias, it just indicates the new address  
with "inet6", rather than the "inet6 alias" which I'd expect for  
consistencies sake.

   Does anyone else think this is odd?  I'd be perfectly fine with  
the "alias" notion going away from IPv4 addresses as well, but the  
inconsistency between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on an interface seems  

   Thanks.  Happy to hear any thoughts on the issue....

                         - Chris