Subject: Issue 101 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/2007 09:38:32
This week:

-> Add new Makefile knob, USE_FORT, which extends USE_SSP by turning on the
FORTIFY_SOURCE feature of libssp, thus checking the size of arguments to
various string and memory copy and set functions. [Thor Lancelot Simon]

-> Major update to isp(4) driver to bring it in line with external sources.

The major changes are:

 + 4Gb (24XX) card support
 + Rewritten fabric and loop evaluation code
 + New f/w sets

The 4Gb changes required major rototilling, which caused a rewrite of fabric
and loop eval code. The latter can now be set up to tune for dynamic device
arrival/departure if the framework is set up for it, or to be firm about
waiting for devices. [Matthew Jacob]

-> Various changes for better Linux emulation:

+ in /proc//statm emulation, use the memory values from vmspace, rather than
struct rusage, since the rusage values appear to be 0 for all processes
except zombies.  cf dsl's comment in kvm_proc.c::kvm_getproc2()

+ in /proc//stat, instead of returning the tv_sec value, return the number of
ticks we've had (roughly equivalent to the Linux jiffies). Calculate these
values from the tv_usec values.


+ enclose CPU_INFO_ITERATOR and CPU_INFO_FOREACH usage in #ifdef
MULTIPROCESSOR, at the request of Nick Hudson

Together, these changes allow htop to work on NetBSD. [Alistair G. Crooks]

-> uslsa(4): added CP210x USB-RS232 ucom driver, as submitted by Jonathan A.
Kollasch in PR kern/33496 [Tom Spindler]

-> top(1): Allow a single process to be selected by pid. Add a 'thread mode'
that displays LWPs. [Andrew Doran]

-> aac(4): Compile and run on amd64. [Allen Briggs]

-> libcurses: Merge in wide curses work done by Ruibiao Qui as a Google
Summer of Code project [Brett Lymn]

-> powerpc: Add booted_kernel and booted_device sysctl to let userland know
about runtime environment.[Tohru Nishimura]

-> smsc(4): Added a driver for the hardware monitoring portion of the SMSC
LPC47B397 [Brett Lymn]


 tzdata2007f [Klaus Klein]

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