Subject: Late network interface configuration
To: None <>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/2007 08:37:10
   I think I asked this question a year or two ago, but I wanted to  
try again.  Is there a "standard" method for bringing up network  
interfaces late at boot?  For example, I have a router with a few  
interfaces on it, and the primary interface uses dhclient to get an  
address from my provider.  I also have a few gre and gif interfaces,  
which need the default route (and outside world reach-ability) to be  
set up before they configure themselves.  I hadn't been able to find  
a way to get the ifconfig'ing of the gre/gif interfaces to be delayed  
so it occurred after the dhclient startup.  Is there a "normal" way  
to do this?

   (For myself, I'd made an /etc/rc.d/network-late which was copied  
from network, but looked at /etc/ifconfig-late.* as the interfaces to  
configure.  This worked, but I wondered if there were something built  
in to NetBSD (4.0_BETA2 or current) that would do this without me  
having to hack up my own rc.d scripts...)

   Thanks!  Appreciate the help.

                                          - Chris