Subject: piixpcib causing suspend at boot /w acpi -> freeze @ Toshiba 4100XCDT
To: None <>
From: doomwarrior <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/30/2007 20:28:05

I have a problem with my Toshiba laptop and the piixpcib-driver. The 
laptop worked perfek on NetBSD 3.0.1.I upgraded to BETA 2 with a version 
build at 2007-05-17, download out of the daily-server from 2007-05-27.
I installed NetBSD on a different system and put the harddrive into the 
toshiba laptop (because cd-rom is broken).

While booting GENERIC_LAPTOP the system go suspend very early after some 
lines. After pressing the power-button to activate the laptop the screen 
turn on again and show only a blinking cursor. System is unusable now.
When booting a kernel without acpi -> the system go to suspend but could 
continue after pressing the power button.
After some help by YazzY in #netbsd @ freenode. I figured out how to 
disable some devices before boot.
I try to disable every device with power-managment connections.
If I disable piixpcib driver the system work perfekt again. I don't 
understand why the piixpcib try to suspend the system on boot. According 
to the kernel config this is only a speedstep-driver, but my toshiba has 
only a pentium ii.

Of course I could disable entry in the config an rebuild the system 
without this driver, but because the driver is enabled by default it 
should be fixed.

Best Regards