Subject: Strange system hang (amd64)
To: None <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/27/2007 11:46:56
I've got this very wierd situation going on...

One of my amd64 (zippy) boxes mounts /usr/obj via NFS from the other 
box (quicky).  Both are currently running 4.99.18, so it's time to 
update to more -current.

So, I log in on zippy, and attempt to copy the newest kernel file from
the NFS-mounted /usr/obj/... filesystem to my root filesystem.  It 
promptly creates the output file but then immediately hangs hard.  So 
hard that I can't even do an 'ls -l /' command from another session!

Attempting to figure out where the problem is, I've reboot both the NFS 
server as well as the client.  No improvement - hangs in the same place.

I've done the following tests

 	cp /2MB-file /2MB-copy           Succeeds
 	cp /2MB-file /dev/null           Succeeds

 	cp /usr/obj/2KB-file /2KB-copy   Succeeds
 	cp /usr/obj/2KB-file /dev/null   Succeeds

 	cp /usr/obj/2MB-file /dev/null   Succeeds
 	cp /usr/obj/2MB-file /2MB-copy   Fails

I haven't yet tried copy in the local-FS --> NFS direction yet, but so 
far this problem seems to affect only copying of large files from the 
NFS file system to the local fs.  (I'm currently running memtestplus 
just to eliminate the possibility of memory failure.)

Any clues on what's wrong?  Or what else I can do to help narrow this 

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