Subject: Buffering of keyboard/mouse events
To: None <>
From: Raymond Meyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2007 16:05:28
Hi, I'm running NetBSD-4.99.16 on Ultra 10 with USB keyboard and USB mouse. I
don't know if this problem is related to:

a) My desktop environment, which is KDE
b) USB drivers
c) X11 on sparc64

I wonder if anybody else had similar problems and knows what causes them.
The problem occurs when there is high disk or CPU activity. When I type on the
keyboard, sometimes the events from the keyboard get buffered for a second or
so, and then the keys I pressed eventually appear on the screen, but multiple

For example, if I run 'tar -zxf largefile.tgz' in the background and then start
quickly typing

# cd /opt/pkgsrc

I end up getting something like

# cd /opt/pkgggsrc

where some keys were repeated multiple times.

It's annoying, because it happens quite often. Has anyone seen this?