Subject: Re: syspkg status
To: None <>
From: William Allen Simpson <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/2007 11:38:09
Mindaugas R. wrote:
>> Is that the last activity on syspkg's?  I think a lot of people have
>> had neat ideas for syspkgs, but I guess they never really made it.
> Well, <apb> may comment this better, but as far as I know - this work no
> longer alive at this moment. It would be really great if someone would take
> and make this job, which is quite important, I think.
I've long felt the problem (and it's been batted about for a decade or
so now) was trying to be too broad in scope.

My long ago suggestion was to take one or two identifiable package sets,
and re-deploy them as packages.  That gives a chance to build up
infrastructure and expectations.

How about just games?  There are only a few, should be easy to test,
and non-critical to deployment.

Also, don't forget that just installing them is not enough, it has to
be able to be updated by the regular pkg software.  After all, the
games are also available as regular pkgsrc, and there shouldn't be
multiple copies.

Thus, using var/db/syspkg isn't correct.  Should be /etc/pkg,
usr/pkgsrc/etc/pkg, or the various equivalents.  Means that pgk_add must
understand multiple databases, install into the correct one, and delete
from the old one(s).