Subject: XEN0 stoped working on CURRENT.
To: None <>
From: Marcin Michal Jessa <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/2007 19:42:56

I've problems with XEN0 on today's CURRENT.
Trying to start xend i get following errors in xend.log:

[2007-04-30 02:16:24 xend 22430] INFO (SrvDaemon:322) Xend Daemon started
[2007-04-30 02:16:24 xend 22430] INFO (SrvDaemon:326) Xend changeset:
Sun Oct 15 13:22:03 2006 +0100 11773:433e39d54b0e.
[2007-04-30 02:16:24 xend 22430] INFO (SrvDaemon:333) Xend version: Unknown.
[2007-04-30 02:16:24 xend 483] CRITICAL (SrvDaemon:230) Xend died due
to signal 12!  Restarting it.

Xen starts fine with NetBSD 4.0BETA2 DOM0 kernel.
Then I can use NetBSD CURRENT kernels as DOMUs as well.

xentools30-3.0.4    Userland Tools for Xen
xenkernel30-3.0.4   Xen3 Kernel