Subject: Re: compiling GENERIC on amd64 fails
To: Kurt Schreiner <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/2007 10:09:25
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Same thing on i386...

On Wed, 25 Apr 2007, Kurt Schreiner wrote:

> Just ran into the following:
> checkflist =3D=3D=3D> distrib/sets
> make distribution started at:  Wed Apr 25 17:38:13 MEST 2007
> make distribution finished at: Wed Apr 25 17:38:15 MEST 2007
> release =3D=3D=3D> etc        (with: DISTRIBUTION_DONE=3D1)
> Build directory is /u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERI=
> Don't forget to run "make depend"
> depending the kern library objects
> depending the compat library objects
> making sure the compat library is up to date...
> `libcompat.a' is up to date.
> making sure the kern library is up to date...
> `libkern.o' is up to date.
>    compile  GENERIC/ah_osdep.o
>    compile  GENERIC/ath.o
>    compile  GENERIC/ath_netbsd.o
>    compile  GENERIC/athrate-sample.o
>    compile  GENERIC/coda_vnops.o
> cc1: warnings being treated as errors
> In file included from /u/NetBSD/src/sys/coda/coda_vnops.c:66:
> /u/NetBSD/src/sys/miscfs/genfs/genfs.h:30: warning: 'struct vm_page' decl=
ared inside parameter list
> /u/NetBSD/src/sys/miscfs/genfs/genfs.h:30: warning: its scope is only thi=
s definition or declaration, which is probably not what you want
> *** Failed target:  coda_vnops.o
> *** Failed command: echo ' ' "compile GENERIC/coda_vnops.o"; : echo /u/Ne=
tBSD/arch/amd64/TOOLS/bin/x86_64--netbsd-gcc -pipe -mcmodel=3Dkernel -mno-r=
ed-zone -ffreestanding -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss -O2 -Werror -Wall -Wno-=
main -Wno-format-zero-length -Wpointer-arith -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-=
prototypes -Wswitch -Wshadow -Wcast-qual -Wwrite-strings -Wno-sign-compare =
-Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-attributes -fno-strict-aliasing -Damd64 -Dx86_64 -I.=
 -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/contrib/dev/ath/netbsd -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/../common/i=
nclude -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/arch -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys -nostdinc -DLKM -DMAXUS=
ERS=3D32 -D_KERNEL -D_KERNEL_OPT -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/lib/libkern/../../../c=
ommon/lib/libc/quad -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/lib/libkern/../../../common/lib/lib=
c/string -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/lib/libkern/../../../common/lib/libc/arch/x86_=
64/string -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/dist/ipf -c /u/NetBSD/src/sys/coda/coda_vnops=
=2Ec; /u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/TOOLS/bin/x86_64--netbsd-gcc -pipe -mcmodel=3Dke=
rnel -mno-red-zone -ffreestanding -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss -O2 -Werror =
-Wall -Wno-main -Wno-format-zero-length -Wpointer-arith -Wmissing-prototype=
s -Wstrict-prototypes -Wswitch -Wshadow -Wcast-qual -Wwrite-strings -Wno-si=
gn-compare -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-attributes -fno-strict-aliasing -Damd64 -=
Dx86_64 -I. -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/contrib/dev/ath/netbsd -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/=
=2E./common/include -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/arch -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys -nostdinc =
-DLKM -DMAXUSERS=3D32 -D_KERNEL -D_KERNEL_OPT -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/lib/libke=
rn/../../../common/lib/libc/quad -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/lib/libkern/../../../c=
ommon/lib/libc/string -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/lib/libkern/../../../common/lib/l=
ibc/arch/x86_64/string -I/u/NetBSD/src/sys/dist/ipf -c /u/NetBSD/src/sys/co=
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
> nbmake: stopped in /u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERI=
> Kurt

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