Subject: mounting 9P file services
To: None <>
From: Antti Kantee <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/2007 16:10:09
Hi (again),

The past weekend support for mounting 9P file servers using puffs was
added.  To access them, do the normal puffs build tricks and then run:
mount_9p <user> <server address> <mountpoint>

If you do not have a 9P file share to play around with, you can opt
to run u9fs on NetBSD.  First get the u9fs server from
<>.  Then add the following
to /etc/inetd.conf (assuming you have 9pfs in your /etc/services,
it was added to -current last Friday.  otherwise just use the port 564):
9pfs   stream    tcp       nowait    root     /<path>/u9fs u9fs -D -a none

-D means debug to /tmp/u9fs.log and -a none means no authentication.
The latter is required for now.  Beware, though, as this opens up your
entire file system to anyone!  It is also possible make u9fs chroot.
(n.b. I got my u9fs from the plan9 sources instead of sourceforge, but
I would assume sourceforge version to work also).

Then you can just mount away.  All access to the remote machine will be
done as <user>, so be careful on who you open this up to.

It should be possible to run u9fs through an ssh pipe also, although I
have not tried it.  If it works, you have another choice for sshfs and
it would technically solve the problem of missing authentication.

Alternatively, if you're running Inferno, you need to first start
the service using:
styxlisten -A 'tcp!*!1564' export /

-A is important as it means no authentication.  I didn't use the
default port because I was running inferno as a regular user process
without root privs.  So I needed to give -p 1564 to mount_9p.

play, have fun & send-pr

  - antti

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