Subject: Re: rtk0: watchdog timeout in amd64 4.99.17
To: None <>
From: Tobias Nygren <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/2007 13:04:54
Marc Tooley wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 April 2007 12:33, Tobias Nygren wrote:
>> Marc Tooley wrote:
>>> Comments appreciated. Is there a quick fix for this? A new kernel
>>> or kernel option maybe?
>> Try this:
>> interrupt boot loader by pressing tab for example
>>  > boot hd0a:netbsd -c
>> uc> disable acpi
>> uc> quit
> Unfortunately, that didn't pan out. I was able to drop down to the 
> prompt and issue those commands, but.. no dice. :-)
> Instead, what happened was my USB keyboard stopped being recognised and 
> issuing the commands:
> ifconfig rtk0 media 100baseTX ; ifconfig rtk0 mediaopt full-duplex
> ... kill the network connection. Then, since my keyboard is insensate 
> the only option is to click the reset switch. Doh.

Not sure about the rtk(4) issue, but I get the bug
where the keyboard stops responding on my ATI IXP based
motherboard. It can be avoided by:

uc> disable acpi
uc> disable pckbc
uc> quit

What happens otherwise is an IRQ storm on the pckbc
interrupt, most likely due to a bios emulation problem.

My onboard rtk(4) doesn't cope well with this irq storm