Subject: Issue 97 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/2007 10:56:47
This week:

 The NetBSD/{,evb}sh5 port has been removed. [Steve Woodford]

procfs_map has been fixed to write the whole map in one go. This fixes the
linux emulated jdk-1.6 where it was losing the last map entry and could not
find the stack on startup. [Christos Zoulas]

Several vulnerability fixes have gone into xsrc. The following have been
fixed CVE-2007-100, CVE 2007-1351, CVE 2007-1352 and CVE-2007-1667.

Make it possible to interrupt waiters for fs operation completion. This is
useful until locking is further developed and basically any deadlocks can be
solved by killing appropriate processes.[Antti Kantee]

genfb has been added to the tree. gnfb is a generic framebuffer console
driver that's configured via device properties - all it needs is width and
height in pixels, stride in bytes, depth in bits and the framebuffer
address.[Michael Lorenz]

Add crmfb, a framebuffer console driver for the onboard O2 video (SGI-CRM)
[Jared D. McNeill]

Add SGI MACE ps2 keyboard/aux controller driver. [Jared D. McNeill]

Add SGI O2 MACE audio driver, from OpenBSD. [Jared D. McNeill]


 tzdata2007e [Klaus Klein]

 IPFilter 4.1.19 [Martin Husemann]

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