Subject: Re: today's commit to wskbd.c/wsksymvar.h
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/03/2007 19:39:46
This is a common problem that NetBSD suffers for a very long time... 
asks for review, nobody comments because sometimes they are busy or not
qualified to review and finally the submitter commits the code because 
thinks the code is correct and there won't be any review.

Not to mention portmasters, that rarely they appear for review or comment.

> wrote:
>>> This has broken my keyboard; a while after bootup,  my delete key
>>> stops working (I have to use control-H), and pressing certain
>>> [ordinary] key combinations (that I don't recall) invoked the
>>> debugger.  Reverting to the previous revisions fixed the problem.
>>> Has anyone else experienced this?
>> Yes, my delete key stopped working too. I didn't fall into the debugger 
>> though.
> I did.
> this patch went for public review on 2007-03-29 and received not even
> one "okay" (or comments, for that matter), and was still committed to
> the kernel by a member of the www team less than a week later.
> I'm cc'ing the netbsd core group so that the public can hear more about
> how things like this happen, and what is planned to ensure that at least
> in the long term netbsd's code base does not become a big pile of
> youknowwhatux.
> -e.