Subject: Re: iso-image
To: None <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/2007 13:27:06
On Sun, 01 Apr 2007, Iain Hibbert wrote:
>    regarding the iso-image target, in BUILDING it says:
     [outdated stuff]

Does the following patch to BUILDING.mdoc look accurate?

--apb (Alan Barrett)

Index: src/doc/BUILDING.mdoc
--- doc/BUILDING.mdoc	26 Mar 2007 17:35:06 -0000	1.48
+++ doc/BUILDING.mdoc	1 Apr 2007 11:23:31 -0000
@@ -952,17 +952,33 @@
 be set (see above).
 .It iso-image
-Create a CD-ROM image in
-.Sy RELEASEDIR/MACHINE Ns Pa /installation/cdrom .
-RELEASEDIR must already have been populated by
+Create a
+installation CD-ROM image in the
+.Sy RELEASEDIR Ns Pa /iso
+A CD-ROM created from the image should be bootable, and
+contains everything needed to install or upgrade a
+(distribution sets, kernels, the
+.Xr sysinst
+menu-based installation program),
+as well as tools that are intended to be useful to repair a damaged system.
+Note that other, smaller, CD-ROM images may be created in the
+.Sy RELEASEDIR/MACHINE Ns Pa /installation/cdrom
+directory by
+.Dq "make release" .
+These smaller images contain the same tools as the larger images in
+.Sy RELEASEDIR Ns Pa /iso ,
+but do not contain additional content such as the distribution sets.
+.Dq make iso-image
+is attempted, RELEASEDIR must be populated by
 .Dq make release
 or equivalent.
-This requires the
-.Xr mkisofs 1
-utility, which is not part of
-.Nx ,
-but which can be installed from
-.Pa pkgsrc/sysutils/cdrtools .
 .It Sy regression-tests
 Can only be run after building the regression tests in the directory
@@ -1472,8 +1488,8 @@
 .Xr hier 7 ,
 .Xr release 7 ,
 .Xr etcupdate 8 ,
-.Xr postinstall 8 ,
-.Pa pkgsrc/sysutils/cdrtools
+.Xr postinstall 8
+.\" sysinst has no man page