Subject: Problem with xterm+screen(1) after upgrade to -current+Xorg
To: None <>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/23/2007 00:10:01
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This is possibly off-topic, but since it involves a full upgrade, perhaps=20
someone here has been trhough this problem and fixed it properly.  I alread=
did some googling about it, but I didn't find any relevant information (may=
I chose bad keywords?).

I did a full upgrade of the base system, pkgsrc and X11 (using Xorg from=20
pkgsrc), and noticed that it is almost impossible to work with vi or vim (o=
in-tree vi is worse) in a screen (pkgsrc/misc/screen) window in xterm (or=20
KDE's konsole, but I believe any xterm-like program will fail, too): after=
pressing ESC to exit insert mode, the next keystroke causes it to return to=
insert mode and the character (or garbage, if it is an arrow key, for=20
example) to be inserted in the text.

In vim, the problem sometimes does not happen if I wait a "long" time (abou=
three seconds) between ESC and the next keystroke.  With our native vi, it=
does not matter how much I wait after pressing ESC: the next key will cause=
it to go back to insert mode and gets in the text, unless I press ESC=20
multiple times, which causes the cursor to go left a column at time, until =
reaches the first column, when the next key does what it is supposed to do.

I did some experiments, too.  vi/vim work OK in xterm if I don't use screen=
=2E =20
I logged in the console of a machine with 3.0+XFree86+screen 4.0.2 and made=
sure that vi/vim worked properly in it, then I ran ssh to the affected=20
machine, and the wierd behaviour happened in the ssh channel (ssh in the=20
local xterm window, not remote xterm through ssh tunnel to the affected=20
machine).  Back to the affected machine, I exited X11 and ran the test in=20
wscons, without problems.  Then I restarted X11, opened a xterm window, and=
changed the terminal type to vt100 before launching screen, and everything=
ran OK.  I opened another xterm window and, keeping terminal type as xterm,=
ran ssh to the 3.0- machine, and nothing went wrong.  I also copied the=20
screen binary from the 3.0- machine and ran it, and it misbehaved too. =20
Lastly, I comapred termcap entries for xterm in both machines, finding one=
single difference in the 'kB' capability, that didn't exist in 3.0, but=20
removing it in the new system didn't seem to work.

I vaguely remeber having had a similar problem with Fedora 6 in a machine a=
work, so this may not be a NetBSD-only problem.  Has anyone seem anything=20
similar, and can share the solution?


=2E.. Qui habet aurem audiat quid Spiritus dicat ecclesiis.

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