Subject: Re: Building libpuffs
To: Astro <>
From: Antti Kantee <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/22/2007 16:26:09
On Wed Mar 21 2007 at 11:26:03 +0100, Astro wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe Im doing something wrong, but after updating todays current sources I
> cannot compile the libpuffs
> Im using -currnet i386 with latest sources as of 11h00 CET
> when in /usr/src/lib/libpuffs I do
> ./make USETOOLS=no cleandir dependall
> I get this ->
> mkdep -d -f .depend -s .o\ .po\ .so\ .ln callcontext.d creds.d flush.d
> null.d op  dump.d paths.d pnode.d puffs.d requests.d subr.d suspend.d
> #   compile  libpuffs/callcontext.ln
> lint -chapbxzFS -S -w       -i /usr/current/src/lib/libpuffs/callcontext.c
> /usr/include/puffs.h(216): warning: dubious tag declaration: struct
> puffs_cacher  un [85]
> *** Error code 1

You need to do make includes in sys/fs/puffs.  Don't forget that step
after updating sources.

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