Subject: Re: boot failure on i386
To: Joachim =?iso-8859-1?Q?K=F6nig?= <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/19/2007 11:52:45
Joachim K=F6nig <> writes:

> Oh, I was a bit unprecise: I replaced libexec/ld.elf_so inside the
> build directory, after that, the ' ..... install=3D/' worked for =
> So something with the dynamic loader is wrong (I rebuild a few times
> after cvs updates) but I do not know how to debug this. All I could
> do is a ktruss on a chroot.

sorry to be difficult, but could you be even more precise?  It sounds

  full build with current sources produces a system that does not work

  replacing /libexec/ld.elf_so in that build with some older build
  (from when?) results in a working system

Is that what you mean?

    Greg Troxel <>