Subject: Patches for EST and SMP
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/17/2007 02:24:47

I'm posting patches for review and test. The patches do:

* Implement two new IPI handlers: IPI_READ_MSR and IPI_WRITE_MSR.
* To read or write a MSR in all CPUs (x86_broadcast_ipi(IPI_READ_MSR)).
* Provide two functions for the drivers to read and write MSRs with IPIs, 
passing a struct pointer:
struct msr_cpu_broadcast {
	int msr_type;	/* MSR type, e.g MSR_PERF_CTL, MSR_THERM_CONTROL... */
	uint64_t msr_value;	/* MSR value passed to the write function */

/* Reads a MSR in all CPUs */
msr_cpu_broadcast_read(struct msr_cpu_broadcast *);

/* Writes a value in MSR define in msr_type in all CPUs */
msr_cpu_broadcast_write(struct msr_cpu_broadcast *);

I tested with p4tcc, and it seems to work. If you have Enhanced Speedstep 
running in a Core Duo (or SMP compatible), please test the patches and
show me debug output (it's enabled by default).

I can do the patches for POWERNOW_K8, just let me know that and I'll do.

Comments about the code? suggestions? anything?

Big thanks to Andrew Doran for helping me with it.


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