Subject: Re: release graph
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/2007 15:54:40
> I've always had a hard time with the netbsd release
> graph so I set out to make a graphviz equivalent.
> I think I got the logic nearly complete, but
> seeing odd results with the rendering. So I
> don't have a finished version, but various
> renderings (one completely broken) are here:

They look good, although they gloss over a perhaps minor ugly
detail of recent history, in that the netbsd-4 branch was
actually re-branched after its initial creation.  But that
particular ugliness is perhaps best glossed over...

> On thing I noted since I made them is, releases or
> pre-released don't actually lead to new releases,
> they are the "end of the line" with the exception of
> releases that lead to cvs tags.

I'm not entirely certain what you mean here.

When the release cycle for NetBSD 3.0 was started, the branch tag
netbsd-3 was created.  The releases NetBSD 3.0 and NetBSD 3.1
both come from this netbsd-3 branch tag, and so will NetBSD 3.2
if that ever is released.  The NetBSD 3.0 release itself is
marked with the (non-branch) tag netbsd-3-1-RELEASE.

> What tag does 3.0.2 come from? Does it bring in
> security, bug fix, features or all of above?

The NetBSD 3.0.2 release comes from the netbsd-3-0 branch tag,
which was created based on the netbsd-3-0-RELEASE tag, i.e.
the release of NetBSD 3.0 also gave rise to a new branch tag from
which would come NetBSD 3.0.1 and NetBSD 3.0.2 etc.

The netbsd-3-0 branch is a so-called "security/critical" branch,
so, at least in theory, it should only receive security fixes and
fixes for major bugs, e.g. show-stopper bugs for a release on a
given architecture, and I think the practice adheres fairly
closely to that.

> Also, how can I identify the dates the various
> tags/releases where created?

In general I am a little uncertain if this can be done without
resorting to the CVS history log.  However, if procedures are
adhered to, you can usually look in the CVS log of
sys/sys/param.h, since that file is typically touched right
before or after a release is cut.


- H=E5vard