Subject: Re: process wedged in vnlock
To: Tom Spindler <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/2007 08:39:46
Tom Spindler writes:
> Here's my backtrace for the same problem (thanks, t/t/l!)
> trace: pid 22946  at 0xcb8ff6ec
> sleepq_block(c03be130,14,cd56efa4,c034ad8e,0) at netbsd:sleepq_block+0x13e
> ltsleep(cd56efa4,14,c034ad8e,0,cd56efa4) at netbsd:ltsleep+0xa0
> acquire(0,600,c019bd13,cd56efa4,cac92028) at netbsd:acquire+0xd0
> lockmgr(cd56efa4,10002,cd56ef34,c03baab4,cbc084a0) at netbsd:lockmgr+0x69f
> ufs_lock(cb8ff850,0,0,c0225ffe,0) at netbsd:ufs_lock+0x2b
> VOP_LOCK(cd56ef34,10002,cb8ff95c,c0199b7a,cd56ef34) at netbsd:VOP_LOCK+0x23
> vn_lock(cd56ef34,10002,0,ffffffff,1691e) at netbsd:vn_lock+0x7c
> vget(cd56ef34,10002,0,1000,ffffffff) at netbsd:vget+0x90
> ufs_ihashget(4,1691e,0,2,c13dd204) at netbsd:ufs_ihashget+0x7e
> ffs_vget(c13e2000,1691e,0,cb8ffa14,c13e2000) at netbsd:ffs_vget+0x2f
> ufs_lookup(cb8ffa4c,10002,cbc084a0,cb8ffbec,c13e2000) at netbsd:ufs_lookup+0x
> 7f6
> VOP_LOOKUP(cbc084a0,cb8ffbd8,cb8ffbec,cbec3c00,20) at netbsd:VOP_LOOKUP+0x29
> lookup(cb8ffbc8,20002,400,cb8ffbe0,c13e2000) at netbsd:lookup+0x1e7
> namei(cb8ffbc8,805be58,64,0,3caef8) at netbsd:namei+0x131
> sys__lstat30(other stuff I don't wanna type)
> syscall_plain()
> --- syscall (number 389) ---

Are you folks on uni-processor or multi-processor machines?  
I've been trying to cause a dual-core box to fall over, and have been 
unable to so far... 

If it's a uni-processor, perhaps this will help: 
 cvs rdiff -r1.4 -r1.5 src/sys/kern/kern_turnstile.c



Greg Oster