Subject: Re: acpi functional porting
To: Pierre Pronchery <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/20/2007 14:40:19
On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, Pierre Pronchery wrote:

>>>>> What makes you think NetBSD doesn't already have support for ACPI?
> (no need to be arrogant here, if I may, because in my opinion NetBSD's
> ACPI support is not trivial to confirm for a newcomer)

 	It also doesn't help that we emphasise the non ACPI GENERIC
 	kernels over the ACPI enabled ones.

>>>> Sure, NetBSD already has some feature implemented. But the ones that i
>>>> wrote in my mail it doesnt have, as i see. At least acpi poweroff,acpi
>>>> hardware monitoring and dock station detection.
>>> Did you not see my earlier message? I don't know about dock station
>>> detection, as I have never seen one, but the rest works.
>> Nope. I dont saw.

 	To original poster (apologies for not having the original
 	mesage to hand):  If you're running a GENERIC kernel rather
 	than an ACPI one then you will not be picking up the acpi
 	features :) Its quite possible there are some features
 	missing on your machine - if you boot an acpi kernel please
 	let the list know of anything missing (or any problems in
 	getting such a kernel to boot :)

> There is a command line tool to show the current status of various such
> detections: envstat -r.
>> Can you show me the options which you have enabled in your config?
>> is seems GENERIC.MPACPI doesnt provide such functional. my config is
>> based on it
> No other option should be necessary. I did not find many applications
> aware of NetBSD's ACPI interface though, and had to patch a few myself
> (wmapm, kismet for example).

 	I tend to use xbattbar myself - all of the apm/acpi using apps
 	in pkgrsc should work fine with an acpi kernel on NetBSD. I
 	didn't see wmapm in there - could I prevail upon you to submit
 	a pkgrsc entry for it? :)

 		David/absolute       -- No hype required --