Subject: Kphone and DTMF
To: None <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/2007 09:29:31
Hi folks,

I have a strange problem that I'm not sure what caused it, so I'm looking
for other kphone users...

I "recently" upgraded my kernel to 4.99.9, all of NetBSD userland too at the
same time, and all of KDE to 3.5.6. I am not sure in what sequence and
when things broke, since I don't realy use kphone with the need to send
dtmf every day - but now, suddenly, kphone still works, but the dtmf are
somehow broken (not recognized by the called machines).

Google says this is an old kphone problem that has been fixed in 4.1.1 or
something ;-) Too bad, since I'm aready using 4.2nb4.

So: if you use kphone, could you please try to use it with some dtmf navigated
service and tell me if it works for you?