Subject: Re: Anyone working on azalia?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Chavdar Ivanov <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/16/2007 16:05:59
On 16/02/07, Peter Seebach <> wrote:
> I have an Intel Mac mini, with azalia audio, which has never worked.  I just
> recently upgraded the kernel, still no luck.
> "Never worked" means "probes fine, thinks it's doing something, but there is
> never any signal output".  I did a couple of rounds of dmesg and debugging,
> and never got anything conclusive.  Anyone else?  Did someone find a
> workaround which I missed in the last couple of months?

Did you try listening through the jack? I could never get any sound on
my HP nx6310 laptop from the speakers; the headset works fine though -
just had to increase the output - in my case mixerctl -w
outputs.hp=220 or so (I couldn't hear anything with the default 123,
but that may be my hearing...)

> -s