Subject: Unable to boot new compiled kernel (4.99.10)
To: None <>
From: Andreas Burghardt <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/2007 20:36:48

Since 4.99.10 I cannot boot any new compiled kernel. I'm using 
GENERIC_LAPTOP with an "Intel Pentium M (Dothan) (686-Class) 1729.11 MHz,
id 0x6d8" CPU. Everytime I'm trying to boot a new compiled kernel (it doesn't
matter if I tune it for my cpu or not I get the failure "Inappropriate File 
Type Format ..." before booting it and have to use onetbsd. 
One time I got a page fault (sorry, I
couldn't repeat this failure ...). The kernel I'm using now is from the 08.02

I know this is not much information ... 

With best regards,