Subject: Re: the path from nathanw_sa -> newlock2
To: Aaron J.Grier <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/2007 09:36:15
On Feb 12, 2007, at 1:42 PM, Aaron J. Grier wrote:

> Q: if the M:N code was so complicated, why was it ever merged into
>    -current?
> A: at the time, NetBSD had no kernel threading support whatsoever, and
>    it was becoming clear that user-land libraries like pth and proven
>    threads weren't going to cut it.  given the choice between
>    experimental M:N threading code and no threading code, the choice  
> was
>    obvious.

Also, at the time, Nathan had a lot of time to work on it, as did  
several other people.

-- thorpej