Subject: 4.99.10 i386 problems
To: Current Users <>
From: Chavdar Ivanov <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/2007 13:08:23

Curious to try the newlock2 changes...

cvs up -dPA yesterday about 12:30 GMT

Clean obj and dest directories

Successful release.

As this took place in the office, I made the iso file and retrieved it
on my laptop at home.

sysinst fails fails because there is no inode space on /dev and it
cannot create the ptys. I thought that there might be some other
problems and abandoned the update of the laptop, switching to a VMware
virtual machine, which I surely can afford to trash. The install
problem here was the same, as expected; I was able to complete the
upgrade of this VM by getting rid of /dev/*raid* and then MAKEDEV

On this laptop I usually do upgrades selecting GENERIC.MPACPI, which
works fine, but then rebuilding my own kernel, derived from the above
(not very different). So i tried GENERIC.MPACPI on the virtual
machine. It booted OK, but things like ps, top, sshd fail with 'due to
no floating point' message - a deja vu, if you ask me (although in
this case it could be due to the VMware emulation - no idea).

Both GENERIC and GENERIC.MP seem to work fine. This gives me enough
confidence to go and upgrade the laptop after I build my own kernel.

I booted once more GENERIC.MPACPI and noticed npx0 is not there, so
that explains the 'no floating point' message. I will see in a moment
if this is due to the VMware emulation.