Subject: Issue 90 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/2007 12:20:04
This week:

O Andew Doran has merged the newlock2 branch, this branch adds the following:

o It provides a new set of synchronization primitives in the kernel designed
  to make programming for multiprocessor systems easier and more efficient:
  mutexes, reader / writer locks, condition variables, sleep queues and MI
  memory barrier operations. A number of underlying kernel facilties have
  been made 'multiprocessor safe' including the scheduler, ktrace and the
  general purpose method of kernel synchronisation: sleep &amp; wakeup.

o Some application facilities have been made MP safe and can now run without
  the "big lock" on multiprocessor systems, including signalling, SysV
  messaging, and system calls that inspect process state, for example:
  wait(). This increases the number of system calls that will run without
  the big lock from 1 up to 56, with more in the pipeline. For workloads
  that are fork intensive and make heavy use of signals this will show a
  small yet quantifiable benefit on multi-way systems.

o The branch introduces a new 1:1 threading model that allows multithreaded
  applications to take advantage of all available CPUs in a multi-way
  system. The scheduler activations implementation used from NetBSD 2.0
  through NetBSD 4.0 provides execellent performance on single CPU systems,
  but restricts any instance of a threaded application to a single CPU in
  the system. Given that multicore and multi-CPU systems are increasingly
  commonplace and that single threaded CPUs are rapidly disappearing from
  the market, we made the decision to move to a new threading model, on the
  basis that providing increased concurrency is now the most important
  factor in ensuring good performance for threaded workloads.

  See his mail to current users for more details.

O Add support for per-user /tmp [Elad Efrat]

  From the security(8) man page:

It is possible to configure per-user temporary storage to avoid potential
security issues (race conditions, etc.) in programs that do not make
secure usage of /tmp.

To enable per-user temporary storage, add the following line to


If /tmp is a mount point, you will also need to update its fstab(5) entry
to use ``/private/tmp'' (or whatever directory you want, if you override
the default using the ``per_user_tmp_dir'' rc.conf(5) keyword) instead of

Following that, run:

  # /etc/rc.d/perusertmp start

O Arnaud Degroote has commited his google summer of code work. This adds ipv6
support for fast_ipsec. Note that currently, packet with extensions headers
are not correctly supported. 

 Fast IPsec is an implementation of the IPsec protocols for FreeBSD.


 postfix 2.3.7 [Rui Paulo]

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