Subject: VGA_RASTERCONSOLE: garbled display problem
To: None <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/2006 13:24:45
I tried using VGA_RASTERCONSOLE today, and from the point at which the
raster console loads during boot onward, at times it seems as if a
portion of the screen will freeze (rectangle, width of entire
monitor), and another portion of the screen will scroll the entire
display.  This is hard to describe.  Let's try this analogy:

Imagine looking out a traditional four-paned window in an elevator
which is mounted on the outside of a building.  As you look out the
window, you can see the side of another building.  Thus, the image
appears to "scroll" over the window. Now, imagine your occipital lobe
goes on strike and the image you see in three out of the four panes
freezes, while the image in the remaining pane keeps scrolling.
Sometimes, you even see what should be scrolling in bottom two panes
in the top two panes, and various other combinations.  This alternates
with periods of normal vision.

Sorry for the bloated tome, but I'm not sure how  else to describe
this right now. :(

I have tried this with both my onboard i945G graphics and an X800
(R423) PCIE radeon card; the same problem occurs.  Does anyone know
what's going on here?  Is VGA_RASTERCONSOLE currently broken, or am I
forgetting something?

I will send my kernel configuration and dmesg to anyone who is
interested in helping me with this.

Happy upcoming new year,


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