Subject: Re: cgd failure since hackathon
To: None <>
From: brad harder <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/20/2006 12:23:38
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Hi, all -- I'm still not able to get cgd working on -4.

I've built various kernels over the weeks with newer cvs snapshots, but no =
joy. My latest attempt was with netbsd-4 on 18 Dec.

I was away shortly after some people posted various patches, and by the tim=
e I returned to this, it seemed that the cgd had been adjusted somewhat, so=
 I never did apply any other fixes.

My working kernel is 4.99.4, which I built on 21 Nov. My userland is the sa=

The error msg I'm getting from the -4 kernel is:

Configuring CGD devices.
cgdconfig: can't open cgd "cgd0", "cgd0"
cgdconfig: action failed on "/etc/cgd/cgd.conf" line 1

If cgd does indeed work in 4, I could just backup my partition and recreate=
 the device, but if it doesn't, I'll just stick with my working 4.99.4 unti=
l it's sorted out.

If there's any other way I can help, just drop a note here and I'll see wha=
t I can do.

On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 10:38:38AM -0800, brad harder wrote:
>  I've been running -current since it was announced that 4 was being re-br=
anched, and had no major problems to speak of. One of the things I'm runnin=
g succesfully is cgd(4), and an encrypted /home and swap. Kernels build fro=
m updated sources (since hackathon) yield however, yield this:
> cgd: large blocksize 4294967295
> ioctl: Cannot allocate memory
> cgdconfig: action failed on "/etc/cgd/cgd.conf" line 1
> Does anybody have an idea what's going on with this, and if it requires a=
 work-around on my part, or is a cgd failing.
> --=20
> -bch



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