Subject: Re: Help with HP NX6310 [Partial solution]
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/2006 15:54:38
In article <>,
Chavdar Ivanov <> wrote:
>Attempts to try to use npx off different bus while keeping MPACPI
>basic configuration failed.
>Not knowing how to proceed to debug the kernel in such a situation (
>or for any other for that matter ) I decided to try to locate where
>the hang in the npx code takes place.
>I noticed, that the last two lines printed were:
>npx0: at acpi0...
>npx0: io...
>but not the usual next:
>npx0: using exception 16
>The latter one is printed by npx_acpi.c; a few sprinkled aprint_error
>() showed me that the hang is in npxprobe1, which is in isa/npx.c. A
>few more aprintfs narrowed down the hang to a single statement - the
>sole 'write_eflags(save_eflags);'. The asm code in the latter does not
>mean anything to me, so I just commented this line out of npx.c and
>now I have the system running properly with two CPUs and floating
>point with the proper exception 16...
>I don't know if this merits a PR.
>No idea if this is correct and if so, why. Having this running, I
>think I can now commit the 20GB partition currently occupied by
>FreeBSD to NetBSD again. I will have to switch to compatible the SATA
>controller's mode, as it is still not recognized, which is just a
>minor annoyance (and probably better anyway, judging by the earlier
>benchmark results).
>The (partial) dmesg.boot and output from lspci -v(with the latest pci
>database)  are included, in case anyone is interested.

Can you please cvs update and try again?