Subject: Issue 77 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/2006 10:25:59
This week:

acorn32: Standard kernels now use the machine-independent sec(4) and ei(4)
drivers for Acorn SCSI Expansion Cards and Ethernet 1 cards respectively, in
place of asc(4) and ie(4). [Ben Harris]
puffs: Integrate Pass-to-Userspace Framework File System, which can be used
to build userspace file system servers [Antti Kantee]
hpcarm: Add timecounter support and convert to MI todr(9). [Peter Postma]
less: Updated to version 394.  [matthew green]
MULTIBOOT support fixed. NetBSD can now be booted by an unmodified GRUB
[Julio M. Merino Vidal]
tzdata2006n [Klaus Klein]

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