Subject: Re: Help with HP NX6310
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Chavdar Ivanov <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/21/2006 17:32:29
On 10/21/06, Manuel Bouyer <> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 03:08:05PM +0100, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > This all is being done under fresh -current, although the main problem
> > GENERIC.MPACPI  does not play game - it hard freezes just after the
> >
> > npx0 at acpi0 (PNP0C04)
> > npx0: io 0xf0-0xff irq 13
> >
> > lines. The only save is to switch off the thing and start again -
> > Ctrl-Alt-Esc does not do anything. I have tried to compile it with all
> > the DEBUG options (no kdbg, as the machine does not have a serial
> > port!) to no avail.
> >
> > I can boot GENERIC.MPACPI with -c and disable npx; then the system
> With boot -c, did you try to disable only npx at acpi ? You need to
> use list and disable the device number instead of name for this.
> Maybe it's just the ACPI attachement which is a problem.

I have indeed disabled the name, not the number. I will try it later
on an external USB disk (I got for now FreeBSD6.2beta running (but
with no sound and using the Atheros WiFi card; )

I doubt there will be any difference, as the config file already has
'no npx on isa', but we'll see.

I was thinking more along the lines of compiling the ACPI tables in
the kernel with iasl etc., but could not find the exact model
definition (there was for nx6325, but not for 6310 - big difference as
the 6325 is AMD... I wonder if I could not use the FreeBSD running
system to work out these.

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