Subject: compat linux and /emul/linux/dev/{null,zero}
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/16/2006 21:51:35

For the past two or three weeks firefox-bin coredumped without any
known reason. I used 'ktruss -i -e linux firefox-linux' and I've found
the following:

firefox-bin open("/emul/linux/dev/zero", 0x2, 0xbfbfcf7c) Err#-6
firefox-bin open("/emul/linux/dev/zero", 0x2, Err#0xbfbfcf2c) Err#-6

I wanted to know if /emul/linux/dev/zero is working so I tried 
the following:

/emul/linux/bin/dd if=/emul/linux/dev/zero of=foo.img count=1

/emul/linux/bin/dd: opening `/emul/linux/dev/zero': No such
device or address.

/dev/null always returns ENXIO too. After removing /dev/zero
firefox works again.

I think Christos added some changes to the compat linux layer
to create devices and probably this is the problem, if I'm not wrong.