Subject: Re: Bad count of CPUs
To: Michael <>
From: Joseph A. Dacuma <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/12/2006 04:01:40
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> Hello,
> On Oct 11, 2006, at 15:20, Joseph A. Dacuma wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Hello,
>>> On Oct 11, 2006, at 14:55, Heron Gallegos wrote:
>>>> Hello
>>>> This server works very fine but I dont know if the
>>>> count of 8 CPUs and some "not configured" devices
>>>> can be a potential problem in thr future. (dmesg is
>>>> at end of this message). Also, I dont know if the
>>>> count of buses (and the order) is right.
>>>> This server is a Lanix (mexican brand) but in US is
>>>> exactly a supermicro server. The mobo is a X6DH8-G2
>>>> and have just two CPUs.
>>>> G2.cfm
>>>> I will have here this server for 10 days. then will
>>>> arrive the ours (mobo X6DH8-G2+ double core and just
>>>> one CPU each server). I have preoccupation because
>>>> I dont know if it is really a problem.
>>> Dual core with HT? That would give two logical CPUs per core.
>>> have fun
>>> Michael
>> Hi!
>> Are there Dual core CPUs with HT? I have 1 machine with Nocona chip,
>> here
>> its just HT. Are Irwindales Dual Core with HT?
> I thought all halfway recent Xeons support HT.
> Here's a data sheet of a 2.8GHz dual core Xeon with HT:

Ah yes! On the link you gave the data sheet also indicates Hyper Threading
support. That makes 8 logical CPUs in total. Whew!

Is it wise to enable HT? I came across various sites where they say Hyper
Threading makes a system unstable.