Subject: Re: Bad count of CPUs
To: Michael <>
From: Joseph A. Dacuma <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/12/2006 03:44:17
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> Hello,
> On Oct 11, 2006, at 14:55, Heron Gallegos wrote:
>> Hello
>> This server works very fine but I dont know if the
>> count of 8 CPUs and some "not configured" devices
>> can be a potential problem in thr future. (dmesg is
>> at end of this message). Also, I dont know if the
>> count of buses (and the order) is right.
>> This server is a Lanix (mexican brand) but in US is
>> exactly a supermicro server. The mobo is a X6DH8-G2
>> and have just two CPUs.
>> G2.cfm
>> I will have here this server for 10 days. then will
>> arrive the ours (mobo X6DH8-G2+ double core and just
>> one CPU each server). I have preoccupation because
>> I dont know if it is really a problem.
> Dual core with HT? That would give two logical CPUs per core.
> have fun
> Michael


Are there Dual core CPUs with HT? I have 1 machine with Nocona chip, here
its just HT. Are Irwindales Dual Core with HT?

As for the not configured devices, its not yet fully supported. My
experience here, the machines (servers) ran ok so long as its not a device
you will badly need. Like a NIC or disk controller even. But your milage
may vary. :)