Subject: Re: gumstix (NetBSD/evbarm)
To: KIYOHARA Takashi <>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/08/2006 14:48:06
> I have a gumstix(connex 400xm-bt) and some expansion boards.  NetBSD/
> evbarm work on the gumstix.  Tested on the connex and the waysmall.
>   This machine worked by Linux and u-boot.  CPU is PXA255.
> Supported expansion boards.
>   etherstix
>   netDUO
>   netCF
>   cfstix
>   tweener
>   waysmall - STUART (STUART not test)
>   waysmall (HWUART not support)
> CF slot has problem?  Some CF-card don't work. X-<
> You can try to boot.
>   GUM> bootp 0xa0200000 netbsd.bin
>   GUM> go 0xa0200000 busheader=<your expansion card at bus header>

Hi kiyohara:

Thanks for the news.  It is nice to have an alternative to uClinux/
Linux on the GunStix devices.

Its been years since I last looked at GunStix.   Unfortunately, I
can't find the old (tiny) USB dongle GunStix that was the size of
a USB flash-drive.  Those old dongles were not USB powered and
required an external power-supply.  I was hoping by now they might
have a newer USB dongle GunStix that is only powered from its USB
port, leaching power from the host computer.  Ideally if it also
had a ethernet port in addition to the USB port, one could have a
tiny keychain USB VPN router.

Oh well, one can always dream...