Subject: Re: binary-only code is evil
To: NetBSD-current Users's Discussion List <>
From: Mark Weinem <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/01/2006 03:01:13
Chapman Flack:
> How would you approach, for example, the Atheros HAL?

Just using or developing open-source solutions - from OpenBSD's ath(4) man 

The ath device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.2 using a binary-only 
HAL module which was ported to NetBSD 2.0.  The driver using a free 
HAL-replacement first appeared in OpenBSD 3.7.

The ath driver was written by Sam Leffler, and was ported to OpenBSD by 
Reyk Floeter <> who also wrote a free replacement of the 
binary-only HAL. [...]"

> How do we find a balance?

As "we" don't need blobs, there's no need to find a balance. Let's 
concentrate on making things possible with open-source software - and 
forget about the rest!

Ciao, Mark Weinem