Subject: Please help testing/improving the ALTQ branch
To: None <>
From: Peter Postma <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/2006 14:45:58
We (peter, martin, tron) are thinking of merging the "peter-altq" branch.
The intent of this branch was to:
1) sync the sources with KAME
2) move any pf specific code out of ALTQ code and make a general API which
   other packet filters (like IP Filter) could use.

Unfortunately only the first goal was reached, and it's unlikely that
one of us will do the second goal in the short or mid-term. So we're now
looking for people who'd like to finish it. Some basic understanding of
ipf, pf and altq is needed. Martin promised to do the parsing/configuration
stuff for IPF if there's a stable API.

We're also looking for people who'd like to help by testing the branch.
We will not merge the branch until we're sure that there are no serious
regressions. The standalone altq (altqd) should still work as previously
but we need people to verify this. The new pf+ALTQ needs testing too.

If you can help, please update the following directories with the
"peter-altq" tag:
- dist/pf
- sys/altq
- sys/dist/pf
- usr.sbin/altq

And rebuild the kernel with the ALTQ options, and rebuild/install in
usr.sbin/altq and usr.sbin/pf.

Please mail any problems, questions or other feedback to us
(peter, martin, tron at

Peter Postma