Subject: cross compiling -current for sparc64 fails
To: None <>
From: Kurt Schreiner <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/2006 23:11:14

(cross) compiling -current on i386 for sparc64 fails like so:

    compile  svr4_32/svr4_32_misc.o
/u/NetBSD/src/sys/compat/svr4_32/svr4_32_misc.c: In function 'svr4_32_sys_sysconfig':
/u/NetBSD/src/sys/compat/svr4_32/svr4_32_misc.c:755: error: 'struct uvmexp' has no member named 'act
--- svr4_32_misc.o ---
*** [svr4_32_misc.o] Error code 1
1 error

AFAICS there are some members of struct uvmexp "gone" now...
So what to do with svr4_32 compatibility in this case?