Subject: Re: Bluetooth Imported.
To: Andreas Gustafsson <>
From: Iain Hibbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/14/2006 20:09:07
On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:

> Here's a success story: using a no-name USB Bluetooth adapter
> (vendor 0x1131 product 0x1001, rev 1.10/3.73), I successfully paired
> with my Ericsson t39m GSM phone and made a working GPRS connection.

Excellent - my own t39m is pants in the bluetooth department, it works for
a while then seems to forget how to talk bluetooth for an indeterminate
time (sometimes the next day, sometimes a month). I bought a new phone

>  - I upgraded by unpacking distribution sets built from -current as of
>    July 4 and running postinstall.  I had hoped postinstall would
>    create and populate the /etc/bluetooth directory, but it didn't;
>    I had to do it by hand.

as noted, etcupdate(8) does that - and I think when you do '
install=/' the /etc files are updated with that, not just blindly copied
in?  I've never had any trouble doing that in any case..

>  - The HOWTO contains the example command "btpin -a phone -a 334323";
>    I guess the second "-a" should be a "-p".

ok :)

>  - When I tried "cu -l /dev/ttyp9" as suggested in the HOWTO, the
>    connection broke as soon as I typed a character:

I have seen that working (please, beleive me! :) but it doesnt seem to
work now here either - some different channels (try sdpquery search DUN,
SP, FAX - see the RFCOMM channel number in the descriptor) work better
than others in this regard but I still can't get cu to echo the incoming
characters (which are there, using hcidump I can see them)

I would like to do away with rfcomm_sppd as it is a bit of a hack, would
prefer to provide a btcom(4) device instead so you can access the service
as you would any serial line, and I think that will work better.