Subject: Re: ACPI stopped working
To: None <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/14/2006 13:37:29
dieter roelants <> typed:
: With last weekend's sources (but also yesterdays), NetBSD doesn't want =20
: to play ACPI on my computer anymore. It fails like this:
: ACPI Error (tbrsdt-0300): Invalid signature where RSDP indicates =20
: RSDT/XSDT should be located. RSDP: [20060217]
: ACPI Error (tbrsdt-0307): RSDT/XSDT signature at 7ffa0000 (0x7ffa0000) =20
: is invalid [20060217]
: ACPI Error (tbrsdt-0315): Looking for XSDT [20060217]
: ACPI Exception (tbxface-0182): AE_BAD_SIGNATURE, Could not load RSDT =20
: [20060217]
: ACPI Exception (tbxface-0211): AE_BAD_SIGNATURE, Could not load tables =20
: [20060217]
: ACPI: unable to load tables: AE_BAD_SIGNATURE

Oh, I had that with a new (one day old) MB and CPU.  I thought it was
just an unusual MB BIOS (ASUS P5LD2 bios1103). (Not that the MB is a new

Was with settings of ACPI 2.0 and APIC.

Some other ACPI settings crashed on boot (after printing "mainbus0 (root)")